On October 1 I started to make the Lux Pajama Guardian. I used pretzlcosplay pattern and tutorials. Check her out, she has many cosplay patterns and tutorials. :) I did change some of the parts, such as the

In September I started to make a breastplate for the first time. I already did 2 bad try outs and finally finished it! <3 I used pretzlcosplay pattern. Materials Worbla Finest ArtFoamFlexbondAcrylic paintInka gold This is the first part of the breastplate. The

I started with the helmet for my Leafeon Valkyrie on 26-01-2021. It's made of worbla and foam bought at minque. I bought the patterns from pretzlcosplay, check her out she makes a lot of helpful Tutorials and patterns. The patterns are