My name is Jenangel and I’m cosplayer and photographer from the Netherlands. Cosplay allows me to become my favorite character from a anime/manga, serie or game.

I really enjoy crafting the most and I’m going to choose: headpiece, shoulder armour, jewelry or accessories to make and I will be doing a self-portrait.

My Costumes

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Aloy – Banuk Ice Hunter
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Elsa – Elemantal Spirit
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  • I need to make this headpiece! It had being on wishlist ever since I saw this armour set. I really enjoy making small pieces then huge large builds. Do you want to make thise headpiece, I have pattern on CosPatterns. Materials FoamWorblaFlexbondHexflex paint Pattern for the Headpiece The pattern is made in Adobe Illustrator. I even made a patterns for the whole armour set, it has being in years of development. I print it out and put the patterns on my wig head. The size is perfect! Base Base with upper helmet made of foam The base

  • On October 1 I started to make the Lux Pajama Guardian. I used pretzlcosplay pattern and tutorials. Check her out, she has many cosplay patterns and tutorials. :) I did change some of the parts, such as the star on the purple bow, I made it out of fleece and stuffing. The tail is also made of fleece with a satin stitch because I want to wear this more casual. Materials FleeceStuffing Wearing the hood This is what I'm most proud of the embroidery effect. Hood The first thing I finished was the hood.

  • Aloy was already special to me but she became more special during my chemotherapy treatment. At that moment when I was really down because of the chemotherapy, @guerrillagames made me so happy to see the Horizon Forbidden West gameplay trailer. It made my day from worst to absolutely the best! Thank you so much! Collar with the details This is my collar for Aloy. When I got home from the long weeks of radiation treatments, this was always a reminder that I should finish this cosplay too. ♥️ I simply

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