Lux Pajama Guardian

On October 1 I started to make the Lux Pajama Guardian. I used pretzlcosplay pattern and tutorials. Check her out, she has many cosplay patterns and tutorials. :)

I did change some of the parts, such as the star on the purple bow, I made it out of fleece and stuffing. The tail is also made of fleece with a satin stitch because I want to wear this more casual.


  • Fleece
  • Stuffing

Wearing the hood
This is what I’m most proud of the embroidery effect.


The first thing I finished was the hood. I used a small zig zag stitch for the mouth, eyes and blush to give it a embroidery effect.

The ears are stuffed inside and the fleece is very warm and comfortable, I love it! Perfect for the winter!

Some extra light pink fleece lining to make it extra comfortable.

It looks so cute!

The top


After I finished the hood, it was time to make the top part of the Pajama. Sewing Fleece is so much fun! It’s easy and cheap, so if you looking for a first cosplay project this maybe a recommandation. :)

How to embroidery effect

To create this effect, I first stitch the application in place with a normal stitch. Fleece will stitck together but I really recommend using pins for extra support.

let’s do it!

Now for the fun part, yes it’s going to take a lot of time and it can be very boring but trust me. It’s going to be worth it!

Use a small zig zag stitch,
These will be my settings, a zig zag stitch with a length of 0.7.

It also knowing as a satin stitch.

I also used this technique for Aloy Banuk Ice Hunter costume.


My first try on! I love this so much and really enjoy making this but it was not finished yet!

Let’s continue on!


These are my biggest nightmare because I want them to look the same. With so many trails and errors I finally made 2 that I liked. I made the right wing in so many attempts, this one on the photo did not make it to the finals! lol

It’s finished!

The tail detail
The Star was not hand sewing on
Star application
Purple bow and star
The Wings with heart in the middle


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