Cosplay Journey: Dedication to my grandparents and friend

In 2007 I made a Belldandy cosplay and I dedicated this cosplay to my grandparents and my friend.

Why Belldandy?

Belldandy is so elegant and beautiful! I love her character and her dress is so pretty.

Like a Goddess

Blue and white dress: They are both made of polyester/cotton fabric. The white underdress, is a simple rectange with elastic above the bust. The blue dress is made with patterns that I used many times by enlarging it at the bottom. The gold details are hand painted and I really wanted my dress to be very elegant. I added a meter extra for the trains.

Gloves: Are made of the same fabric as the dress, it’s a simple rectangle.

Accessories: necklace, bracelets, rings and earrings are all bought.

Tattoo: The triangles on my face a painted by my best friend.

Wearing the costume

I felt like a Goddess when wearing this costume, it’s so elegant.
Yes, another character without a wig. My friend made a Urd cosplay that goes together with my Belldandy, so that we could cosplay together.

What I really like: It’s my dedication to my grandparents and friend, they are in heaven. My dress, it’s really pretty and feel like a goddess.

What I don’t like: Well I did say that I liked my dress but maybe I should have used a different pattern to make it more elegant. The gold details I could have used faux gold leather.

Staircase to heaven


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