Aloy – Shadow Stalwart Armor Heavy set / Headpiece

I need to make this headpiece! It had being on wishlist ever since I saw this armour set. I really enjoy making small pieces then huge large builds. Do you want to make thise headpiece, I have pattern on CosPatterns.


  • Foam
  • Worbla
  • Flexbond
  • Hexflex paint

Pattern for the Headpiece

The pattern is made in Adobe Illustrator.
I even made a patterns for the whole armour set, it has being in years of development.

I print it out and put the patterns on my wig head. The size is perfect!


Base with upper helmet made of foam

The base is made of 2 mm high density EVA foam. Cut out by hand with a scissor.

The upper part of the Helmet is made of 5mm low density EVA foam. Cut out by hand with a knife. The details on the upper part are made of 2 mm high density EVA foam and cut with a scissor.

I didn’t used contact cement to glue it together, they will be covered in Worbla.


I started with 3 layers foam
3 layers glued together

3 wings

Foam is covered in Worbla

before the wings
Foam covered in Worbla

I used the foam covered in worbla sandwich method.


Black base colour

Before painting I used 3 layers of Flexbond.

The base is a metallic colour, Hexflex aged silver bought at

Hexflex silver for the wings.

I added the weathered scratch details with a bobby pin dipped in paint.



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