Aloy (Banuk Ice Hunter) – Necklace – eva foam

I’m going to create Aloy (Banuk Ice Hunter) necklace out of 2mm high-density EVA foam. I bought the pattern from pretzlcosplay, she has more amazing patterns and was very kind to answer my glue question.
Thank you so much! :D

First I start with a pattern.

I traced the pattern on 2mm high-density EVA foam with a pencil.

I took my utility knife and I only cut some parts that was necessary. I start glueing the parts together for a double layer. I added some extra other details the same way and then I cut the whole piece, without worrying for uneven edges.

To create the straight line detail from the middle necklace, I cut (don’t cut to deep) and used my heatgun to widen the foam.

Yeah, finished the foam part!
Next time I will prime and paint it.


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