Aloy (Banuk Ice Hunter) – Dress

Aloy was already special to me but she became more special during my chemotherapy treatment. At that moment when I was really down because of the chemotherapy, @guerrillagames made me so happy to see the Horizon Forbidden West gameplay trailer. It made my day from worst to absolutely the best!

Thank you so much!

Collar with the details

This is my collar for Aloy. When I got home from the long weeks of radiation treatments, this was always a reminder that I should finish this cosplay too. ♥️

I simply glue the detail on the collar.

I finally sewed the top part on to the collar and add the fur.

I used velcro for attachment. Good old velcro is doing it’s job again. *laughs* I used it in so many costumes that I made.

All the fur was all around the house!

Aloy skirt flap.
1 detail done 3 more to go.

After all satin stitch details I will paint the skirt in more darker blue colour. I also have done that with the collar and the top. The original colour of the faux leather is a light turquoise.

Then after that I will add the fur and lining. Glue the detail on it to finish it.

I got another tear in my eyes on how beautiful this costume will become too. <3

Before and After painting

Finally all the skirt flaps are done! I also sew the flaps to the top with the collar. I’m going to sew better velcro on it.

I love how they turned out! I had one huge bad try out with the fur part, until I had a better idea. Yeah!

The dress is finished!


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