Aerith Gainsborough

I really wanted to cosplay her again for a very long time but I also want to make it extra special. ♥️ I worn a dress that is close to her character with floral prints. The dress is from Artka.

This game means a lot to me. In 1997 my brother bought/got this game for his birthday. It was for me very difficult to understand the story because English is not my native language but I did enjoy the things that I could translate. I love Aerith, she became already my favourite character. ♥️

I love it! 🥰
My main reference is ofcourse the beginning of the game.

“We Need To Make The Most Of The Time We Have — To Live Our Lives The Way We Wanna Live. Every Minute… Every Moment, matters.”

I love this qoute, this is how I view my life too especially when I fought against breast cancer. I was very terrifying but I sometimes I want to quit my treatments because it was very heavy. I felt like shit everytime when I had chemotherapy treatment but I also discovered how precious life can be.  It didn’t stop for doing things that I liked. Enjoy every moment and be grateful to the persons that you love!


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