In 2007 I made Umi Ryuuzaki artbook version, 2010 I made Umi Ryuuzaki final version and ofcourse my 2011 remake Umi Ryuuzaki artbook version.
It’s such a huge improvement!


It consist of 4 parts top, waistband, bottom and skirt, they are made of polyester/cotton fabric.
Blue crystals and gold details are hand painted.
I worn a carnival wig.

After a while I did change the wig with a new one and better quality. I added a cape to the top. it’s made of cheap satin fabric.

Cosplayer in the snow

I really like the wind effect in this photo


It consist 2 parts with cape the dress and waistband.
The dress and cape are made of cheap satin fabric. The waistband is made of polyester/cotton fabric and I glued black ribbons on it.
The gold details are biastape, painted gold because I wanted the colour to match the headpiece.
Headpiece and shoulder armor are made of foam. The crystals are made of transparent plastic with glass paint.


The costume consist of 4 parts: the top, waistband, the bottom and skirt.
I bought 3 transparent plastic medallion shapes for the round crystals. 5 round and 5 egg shaped separators to make the rest of the crystals and I modified these with a fretsaw.

I painted them with glass paint.
To create the gold details I used gold faux leather fabric because it was easy to glue and to cut it out.
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