In 2007 I made Freya Crescent and was a kind of challenge because she is a animal character.

Why Freya Crescent?

Freya Crescent story is very sad but she is a strong character! I like her!

I also made this cosplay for the competition at the Animecon in the Netherlands.

Making Freya’s outfit

The hat: supported with foam and wire and covered in fabric. The wings on the hat are made of white cheap satin fabric with wire in it.

The coat with collar: is made of polyester/cotton fabric and silver big eyelets at the end of the sleeves. I glued the white ribbon on the edge of the collar.

The chest part: is made of different kinds of fabric that I had laying around. Both the gold crest (white part) and black crest (yellow part) are hand painted.  The brown strap part is made of cotton fabric and the buttons are made of silver painted moveable eyes (craft supply). It’s secured with snaps or else it will fall down because it’s became very heavy.

Armour: I never made armour before and I didn’t even know where to start? After a lot of research a lot of cosplayers used craft foam for armour pieces. Craft foam became my best friend but and please don’t make this mistake! I forgot to prime it. I used snaps to attach it to the shoulder (chest part).

Puffed orange pants: are made of cotton fabric with elastic in the waist and at leg opening.

Animal Character

She is a animal character so I really wanted to add the claws and paws to my costume too.

The claws are created by using gloves with fake nails and painted with nail polish.

The paws are created by using gloves and a legging. I sewed away the tumb from the gloves and added stuffing. Then I hand sew the gloves to the legging.

It was a challenge to create a animal character such as Freya!

What I really like is my hat and making a tiny foam armour for the first time.

My weapon, the spear is one of my favorites.