Closet Cosplay is a very easy and cheap method to create a costume for a character. I did this in 2005, 2007 and in 2008. 

Mireille Bouquet

Why Mireille Bouquet?

I love Noir! This serie hold a special place in my heart. This was also my first anime that I watched with Dutch subtitles. 

My friend did Kirika so that we can cosplay together. Mireille is such a amazing character.

My first Closet Cosplay

It consist of a red collar tanktap, black skirt and black belt around the waist. 

Yuna (Wedding Dress)

Why Yuna’s Wedding dress?

I love her wedding dress, it’s so beautiful!

Creating her wedding dress

I wanted to use this beautiful white stretch corset/bustier top that I found when I was shopping for this project. I came up with the idea to make a skirt so that will create the illusion of a wedding dress. 

To create this illusion I added velcro at the end, back and front of the top.  I made a pattern for the skirt and added velcro so that it can be attached on the top. 

I draw and cut out all the feathers for the skirt and wings, I used a shower curtain. The wings are also attached with velcro and I added a wire in it. 

Rin Tohsaka

Why Rin Tohsaka?

My friend did Saber so I want to join her as Rin Tohsaka. I like Rin. 

Creating Rin’s outfit

Consist of a red sweater with collar and black skirt. I used the black skirt from my Yuna (Songstress) costume.

I added the cross with a ribbon. 


Why Rikku?

I have a Yuna cosplay but because I played FFX again. I felt in love with Rikku too! She is so cute and I just love her personality. I’m more like Rikku then Yuna (personality).

Creating Rikku’s outfit

I hand sew the pearls to the collar and the black belts on the side of the orange tank top. Blue strokes and white flower painted at the end. The metal disc on the back, I used placemats and spray painted silver.

It was more dark green shorts with white pleated ribbons.

The armbands are made of green ribbons with black belts.

Red cross made of ribbons too on gloves.

Black leg bag is made by me and fully functional. I made some bootcovers with some green ribbons and D-rings and ofcourse the orange and yellow feathers. There are so many ribbons in this costume! 

What did I learn from this?

A lot, by looking on how a garment is sewing together is a good starting point. Creating a illusion of a full wedding dress. Adding applications even it was with ribbons.

With every project that I did, I learned something new.