Started with the remake: 8-1-2012
Finished it on: 30-1-2012

I made a Umi cosplay in 2007 and I want to remake it! It was a real challenge for me because last time I painted the crystals and details. So I need to find a solution to create that part and I found it!

She is my favorite Magic Knight!


  • Bridal Satin
  • Texture Terlenka (cotton/polyester)
  • Faux leather
  • Denim


  • Transparent plastic


  • Cosmonde


The costume consist of 4 parts: the top, waistband, the bottom and skirt. I used my old version as a pattern. Top and bottom are made of royal blue bridal satin fabric. The skirt is made of Texture Terlenka light blue fabric. The shoulder and waistband are made of white denim fabric.

I also used some extra bra straps because the costume became heavy.


The skirt are 2 rectangles and sewing together. Iron the pleats and add velcro for attachment

Necklace, bracelets, waistband and shoulder

I used the older version as a pattern for the necklace, bracelets and waistband. I used white denim and velcro again for the attachment. I made a pattern for the shoulder part in Adobe Illustrator. The shoulder part is sewing on the top.


I painted this part in 2007 because I had no, idea how to make it!

I searched on other cosplayers costume notes for similair projects. Untill I found this cosplayer that used transparent plastic for her weapon with glass painting. Yes, this will be my solution!

I bought 3 transparent plastic medallion shapes for the round crystals. 5 round and 5 egg shaped separators to make the rest of the crystals and I modified these with a fretsaw. 

I painted them with glass paint.


In 2007 I painted this part too with gold paint but I want to try something different. I used gold faux leather fabric because it was easy to glue and to cut it out.

First I made pattern in Adobe Illustrator, then trace it on the back with a pencil. Cut it out with a scissor and glue in on the costume.

Combining the crystals and details and glued together as one! I love the result!

I also added the sign of Selece to the costume because in the artwork you can never see the back. I also like to add:

“You can always add something special to your costume when a detail is not visible on the artwork. There is nothing wrong to give your costume a personal touch.”

What a wonderful experience and journey to recreate this costume again! I searched and learned a lot to make it! 

Improved skills

  • Creating the crystals
  • Creating the details
  • Sewing