In 2005 it was the time to sew my first project because my mother finally bought a new sewing machine. My next project was Colette Brunel from Tales of Symphonia. 

Why Colette Brunel?

I already made her Cruxis Crystal necklace because it’s very pretty. 

I love Tales of Symphonia, it’s one of my favorite games. I like Colette, she is very cute and kind.

Her outfit looks easy to make for my first sewing project.

Making Colette’s outfit

This was my first sewing project and I was really excited to make it. I bought cheap white satin fabric and I used a black legging that I had in my closet.  

I used a old dress from my mother as a pattern. I just put it on the fabric and cut it out and used velcro for the attachment. Then I painted the blue parts of the dress with paint and even the gold buttons are painted.

The Cruxis Crystal is made of foam covered in gold paper. The red crystal in the middle is foam and painted red.

Wearing the costume

Wearing my first made creation was amazing and I felt so proud! Becoming a Colette Brunel and wearing her outfit.

I  got a compliment from a old lady, she told me that my necklace was beautiful because she made necklaces too.

The snow on the photo on the right is real. It was so beautiful! Yes, braving the cold in cosplay.

What I really like: it’s was my first sewing project and was such amazing experience. My favorite part is the necklace and blue painted parts.

What I didn’t like was the fabric choice, it was made of cheap shiny satin fabric. If I had to remake it I would choose cotton instead.

To be honest I did kinda like the fabric back then because it was cheap. I was always trying to choose the cheapiest option because cosplay can be very expensive.