My cosplay story

This is how it all started!

I got introduced into cosplay when I was searching on Google for Sakura Kinomoto pictures for my website. Through all the pictures of Sakura there were these people dressed as her! My question: “How do we call this?” but after a long research through the photos I knew finally the name: “cosplay”

It’s so much fun! Becoming my favorite character is a dream come true and with cosplay I can do that! 

My first cosplay

Yuna (Summoner) from Final Fantasy X.

In 2004 I tried to make a costume myself but I didn’t have a sewing machine at that time and didn’t have any experience with it.

My aunt had a sewing machine and she was so kind to do all the sewing. I watched over her shoulder as she did this because maybe in the future I can sew my own costumes.

My friend and I hand painted the details on the skirt and obi. The sleeves have a ombre dyeing.

Why Yuna?

Yuna is my favorite character from Final Fantasy X and her outfit is so beautful! She is such a strong character.

Wearing the costume

When I finally wore my first cosplay for the first time, I was not wearing a wig. So I was blond Yuna then, I didn’t care I had so much fun to wear Yuna’s outfit. 

I used my own hair a lot in my cosplays because I didn’t have the resources like we do now. When I did another photoshoot my hair was brown.

What I really like: it’s my first cosplay and making it with my aunt and friend was so wonderful experience! My favorite part are the sleeves and the details.

What I didn’t like was the skirt because there are not pleats, just a simple elastic at the waist.