2007 and 2011

I know how wonderful it is to see how much I have progressed during the years and I couldn’t do back then.
So what I mean to say is if you are not satisfied with your first one, you can always improve it next time when you have enough skills to do that.

Wow such a huge difference between 2007 and 2011!
In 2007 I hand painted all the details and crystal parts with the hand.

The 2011 version is my favorite costume! ^^ Umi Ryuuzaki is a special character to me and to remake this costume was a challenge. The crystals are made with transparent plastic some are modified with a fretsaw and and they are painted with glass paint on the inside.
The gold details are made with faux leather, they are cut in various shapes and glued on the costume.

I learned a lot with my 2011 version: using transparent plastic for the crystals and gold faux leather for the details.

This was a wonderful experience that I would never forget!