Started with the remake: 8-1-2012
Finished it on: 30-1-2012

Oerba Yun Fang is my favorite Final Fantasy XIII character.
My biggest challenge started in 2010 because I painted the sari design by hand with acrylic paint on a white ribbon and it was 8 meters long.

I used the Cosplay Magic version as a pattern.


  • Bridal satin
  • Faux fur
  • Suedine


  • Cosplay Station


  • Ribbons
  • Foam
  • Belts
  • Beads
  • Photo paper


The sari is made of royal blue bridal satin fabric and it consist of 2 parts: the bottom and the top that I put on my left shoulder. My mother was so kind to help me with the pleats. I used velcro for the attachment.

Tank top and sleeves

Tank top and sleeves are made of some kind of suedine fabric because it’s very soft. The back of the tank top is cut in a diamond shape and this fabric was the perfect one to use because it didn’t fray.


The necklaces are hand made.
I used beads, iron beads in 5 different colours and the white one is painted.

2x belt

Braided belt: I found it in my cabinet and I thought it would look very pretty.
I hand sewing a button and snap closures for the attachment.

I cut out 2 small rectangles and I sew it together (wrong side) and I let a gap open. Then I turn it right-side out and I put some foam into it. I closed the gap and sew 8 rows to get a more layered look and I used velcro for the attachment. I’m sorry that I don’t have any progress photos of this part but I hope my description is helpful.

Faux fur

The fur is made of faux fur fabric.
One small and the other a slightly bigger. I hand sewing 2 keychain rings on the fur to hang it on the braided belt


I made the Tattoo of photo paper and the I cut it out in the right shape. I used body tape to fix it to my arm and I used the same method for the l’cie brand.


I couldn’t find the proper buckles so I decided to make them. The best solution that I came up with is to create the buckles from foam.

First I made a pattern in Adobe Illustrator.
Trace it on 2mm foam and cut it out with scissors.

Prime time! Always use a primer before painting because the foam will suck the paint.
After some layers, it was time to paint it!

I used spray paint in a silver colour!

Safety always comes first

Remember always use spray paint in well ventilated area or outside because you don’t want to breath in spray fumes. I dry brush some black paint to give it some authentic effect. After the varnish layer, I glued the buckles on the belt.

Sari design

I used the Oerba Yun Fang Sari Design pattern from EileenGalvin on DeviantArt. You can even see me painting the sari design. I painted the sari design by hand with acrylic paint on a white ribbon and it was 8 meters long.

I’m really proud on every costume that I make but it’s always great to see what I improve and what I could do better next time!

Improved skills

  • Sewing because I had the pattern
  • Painting 

What I could improve

  • I should have done more research on making sari’s especially the fabric choice.
  • The tattoo instead of photo paper I could have paint it on my arm but that would be difficult to do without any help.