I love Magic Knight Rayearth and I was amazed by the gorgeous art. 

Umi Ryuuzaki is my favorite Magic Knight because she is so elegant! I found Umi Ryuuzaki to be very selfish in the beginning but she is actually a very loving, caring and sensitive young woman.

She is very calm when there is a fight but strong as well because of her loyalty and determination. She would like to risk her life for Hikaru and Fuu.

Her element is water and I have always had a connection with characters with the element water, in whatever form. Selece is her Legendary Rune God and I love dragons!

I made a Umi Ryuuzaki (Artbook) costume in 2007 and I didn’t have the skills on how to do some parts and I said to myself someday if I have enough skills to remake it then I will do that. This is my new version!